Pixel is a young production house with 8 years of experience based in the Basque Country. We produce audiovisual contents for TV, internet and brands. We have a strong relation with spanish broadcast companies and work as suppliers of content and technicals services, such as Live HD streaming, OB Van services and qualified technicians and engineers.


Address: Gudarien Etorbidea, 8
20140 Andoain, Gipuzkoa
Phone: +34 943 593 409 - e-mail: info@pixel.eus
Contact Person: Juan Ignacio Sardón Altuna

Last Productions | Projects | Programmes

The capsule

La Capsula is a 7 days yinkana through one of the european countries searching for an object to introduce in a european time capsule. Each week a well know celebrity will conduct an adventure where the audience will meet relevant figures and facts related with the history, politics, economics, arts and science and culture of the country.

First chapter available. The Capsule Poland featuring Kimberley Tell.


Gutik zura: Past, present and future of WOOD.

Asalto a la cocina: One chef has to prepare a 3 stars dish with the content of a random fridge. Only creativity and imagination are needed.

Main Activity: Entertainment

Other Activities: Formats and Documentary
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